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You have important things to do in your Yahoo account, so let's get you back in! Here are solutions for some frequent account access issues.


Common sign-in problems

Forgot my password or Yahoo ID

"Invalid ID or Password"

"First time signing in here?"

"Account Locked" message

screen loops or reloads

Someone else is using my account

  Avoid most of these problems - After you're back in your account, switch to using Yahoo Account Key to sign in quickly and securely without ever needing a password.

Problems using Sign-in Helper

My account recovery information is incorrect

Helper can't recover your account online


Two-step verification is another layer of security that uses your password plus a code to verify your identity when you sign in to your account on a new, unrecognized device for the first time or after clearing the cache in your browser. We'll send your cell phone a code by text or phone call that only you'll have access to.


Turn two-step verification on or off

If you lose your cell phone, you'll need to sign in on a recognized device that you've used in the past to sign in to your Yahoo account.

  1. Sign in and go to your Account security page.
  2. Next to Two-step verification, click the toggle button to enable click the on-Off icon in the two-step verification process. .
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Click Send SMS to receive a text message with a code or Call me to receive a phone call.
  5. Enter the verification code | click Verify.
  6. The next window refers to the use of apps like iOS Mail or Outlook. Click Create app password to reconnect your apps. See the section below for more info.

Want to turn it off? Simply click the toggle button Use the on-off button. under Two-step verification to disable.

Using two-step verification with apps

Some apps (like iOS Mail, Android Mail, Outlook, and Yahoo messenger for PC) require a specific password to connect that app with Yahoo. If you enable two-step verification, you'll need to create a third-party app password to use in apps like these.

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